The Kentucky Crossbow Federation seeks to be a collective voice for crossbow hunters in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Our primary objective at this time is to see the dates of the crossbow season in Kentucky expanded to match the rest of the archery season.

In 2005, the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission approved the expansion of crossbow season. Before this change could be implemented, however, other groups opposed to the use crossbows voiced loud opposition causing the Department to suspend implementation of the expanded crossbow season.

The Kentucky Crossbow Federation has begun the process of requesting the Commission once again consider expanded crossbow season. We will serve as a central voice of crossbow hunters and supporters, and keep all supporters apprised of developments. We want the crossbow hunters and supporters in Kentucky to know when and how to make their voices heard.

Please become a member to stay informed and to help us continue to reach more crossbow hunters and supporters in Kentucky.

Members will help determine other activities of the Federation.

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